Hunter Cap

Hunter Cap


A lovely medium gray, light-weight cotton cap.

The Hunter Cap is stylishly square and looks great off the bike too. Without elastic, this fitted cap is also comfortable under a helmet.

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Stock Hunter Sizing:
Small caps are about 21-1/2"
Medium caps are about 22-1/2"
Large caps are about 23-1/4"

Each cap is made one at a time by hand, so sizing can vary. If you want to order a specific size, or color combination, please email with details and I can make you a custom cap.

Washing instructions:
Cotton, like most natural fibers, will loose color over time and can be faded by sweat and sun. To slow discoloration, rinse your cap in cool water after sweaty rides, this will prevent salt from building up. When your cap is ready for a wash, use cool water and a bit of mild soap. Build up a lather and work any dirty spots (like the sweat band) with your fingers. Rinse well with cool water. Wring the excess water out gently, reshape the bill and dry flat.